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Productivity & Collaboration

Web Security & Network Protection

Mordernize Computing

Smart Analytics & Data Management

Productivity & Collaboration

Google Workspace

An Admin Console to manage your data, users and apps from a si...

Migration To Google Workspace

Provide migration to Google Workspace using CloudM Migratio...

Infrastructure Modernisation

Provide flexible cloud infrastructure services including VM Migration, SA...

Future Of Work

Giving people helpful tools to maximize their impact...

Web Security & Network Protection

Zero Trust & Infrastructure Security For GCP

Take advantage of the same secure-by-design infrastructure and bui...

Endpoint Security

Securing endpoints or entry points of end-user devices from being exp...

Email Security Gateway

Designed to prevent unwanted email and deliver good email

Mordernize Computing

Modernize Video Conference / Meet HW

Modernize video conferencing solution for all your meeting needs and co...


Chromebook run on web-based Chrome OS and Chrome browser wit...

Smart Analytics & Data Management

Data Visualisation & Business Intelligence

Enables you to recognize emerging trends and respond rapidly on t...

Data Warehouse Migration

A transfer service to migrate your data to a data warehouse