Future Of Work

Giving people helpful tools to maximize their impact

People want to choose where and when they work

85% of global workers state working from home is appealing, yet only 47% currently do so

Flexibility: good for workers, good for business.

Research shows that flexibility influences:



of employers say the shift to remote work has been successful



of professionals cite less stress and better mental health as the #1 benefit of work flexibility

Work outlook​


of larger organizations will increase work flexibility while 53% will shrink office sizes

Enabling knowledge sharing and human connection

Automation can lighten the load of routine tasks and result in new opportunities.

88% of finance and insurance executives, and 76% of information and technology executives reported increased implementation of automation and AI since the outbreak of the pandemic


of workers believe that automation will offer them an opportunity to qualify for more highly skilled work


of employees agree that new roles will replace ones lost to automation over the next five years

Research continues to show that people do their best work when they have fast, easy access to collective knowledge and the information they need to do their jobs. Recent global survey data suggests that employees think real-time knowledge sharing leads to:


Greater innovation & problem solving


Increased efficiency & productivity


Better levels of customer service


Removal of organizational silos

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