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Google’s Inbox App Shutdown: Inbox-to-Gmail Transition Guide

Inbox by Gmail was launched by Google a few years ago as a standalone application to feature a unique interface and many new features (sort of like a test bed for Google). As time progressed, most of the Inbox by Gmail features were gradually implemented on the main application, Gmail (Google Mail). With both apps […]


Gmail (Google Mail) Turns 15

Back in 2004, you had to deal with email with minimal storage space; probably only a few MBs. On top of that, your email would be constantly flooded with spam with vendors peddling expensive spam-control solutions just to help with the filtering process. To add to the problem, there was no intuitive way for you […]


5 Reasons to Use Gmail for Your Business

Gmail is one of the most popular Google’s free web-based services. In the few past years, the account on free services might give you unprofessional appearance but in this category, Gmail is unique and different from others. It includes many excellent features like access to mail services via any device, 15GB of free email storage, […]


4 Ways G Suite is Helping Your Business Productivity

G Suite has been devised with the aim to improve productivity and collaboration for businesses. This set of tools works on the top of the Google Cloud platform and contributes hugely to the growth of a business by eliminating inefficiencies. The question is why does a company need G Suite? A Forbes study came out […]

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Why G Suite Is The Best Option for A Small Business?

Small businessmen have lots of investment options to expand the business. The list of expenses goes on. They also need to invest in buying the software. One cannot run the business successfully without owning an appropriate software tool. So, making use of Google tools will help business owners a lot. G Suite that is a […]