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Different Types of Video Conferencing (VC) Systems

From managing remote teams to closing business deals overseas, video conferencing has become a critical need for businesses of all sizes and functions. With HD video streaming and clear, noise-reducing audio, the best video conferencing technology can transform your business operations by bringing an in-person experience to your digital meetings. For a successful video conference, you need a few tools. Depending on your needs, there are different types of video conferencing systems you can choose from.

Desktop VC

All the conferencing hardware and software is built-in to a computer or laptop.


Multiple screens or monitors are used to make everyone feel like they're joining the meeting in-person.


The video conferencing technology is built-in to the room itself (e.g. Huddle Room).

No matter which type of video conferencing you choose, there are numerous use cases for video conferencing technology – they keep you connected with colleagues, clients, and prospective employees.

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