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Enhancing The Virtual Meeting Experience

With many businesses and companies carrying out work online, virtual meetings on video conferencing platforms have become more prominent. Some may scoff at the idea and some may rejoice, but one thing is for sure: virtual meetings are the new norm. And with many new trends, adapting at the beginning may pose quite a challenge for some. So Matrix Connexion has come up with some ways you can up your virtual meeting game for good on G Suite.


1. Send out invites

Don’t jump the gun and ambush your team with an impromptu meeting. Plan ahead your next virtual meeting at least a week in advance to let your team clear their schedule and prepare. Too busy to remind everyone constantly? You’re in luck cos Google Meet lets you send out invites easily through email or just through an option in Calendar. Add a video conferencing option which automatically provides invitees with a link they can just log into later.

Google Calendar Invite

You can even have an idea of who can or cannot make it with an RSVP option so you can say bye-bye to unexpected awkward meetings with 10% of the team if the date isn’t convenient.

2. Set an agenda

Not everyone has mind reading skills like Professor X, so don’t keep your team in the dark about what’s what in your next meeting. Add a description in the invite as to what the discussion will be about and lay out what is expected of everyone.

Meeting agenda

3. Prepare a presentation

If you’re presenting, it’s best to keep your audience engaged in the discussion with data, graphs and presentations so that you can easily get your message across. Presentations also help the audience prompt questions from the information they are given. You can even send the presentation deck in advance to make matters smoother. Use Google Slides to prepare simple, visually appealing presentations.

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