Google Workspace Plan - Which Is For You Or Your Business

Google Workspace Plans – Which is for you or your business

If we are both on the same page that Google Workspace is the best option for you or your business, then it is time to decide on the most suitable plan. It is exciting to be a part of a platform that offers flexible solutions and everything in one place, right?

Even if you are a one-person business, you may prefer to use Google Workspace to look more professional with your email address. But if you are an individual, there is no need for this platform. The features that Gmail provides are excellent and more than enough for personal use.

Before getting into the details and prices of the plans, it is good to point out that getting started with Google Workspace launches with a 14-day of trial. After the trial period, a monthly payment with a credit card is required. Also, making a manual pre-payment to your account is another option. By this method of payment, the credit will be debited at the beginning of each month rather than charging to a credit card automatically. But also, annual payment options are available depending on the country.

You can always follow up and see the Google Workspace plan you have by signing in to your Google Admin Console. It can be found under the Billing section of your dashboard.


Business Starter (formerly known ‘Basic’)

The most basic plan that Google Workspace offers. This plan is known as an excellent model for small and medium businesses. Also, please note that these features are also available in other Google Workspace plans.

The first thing to know is to create an email address with your company domain. The second most significant thing could be storage. With this basic plan, you would have 30 GB of storage in Google Drive. Also, you will have access to shared Calendars, Chat, and Meet. By using Meet, up to 100 users can participate in voice or video conferences.

With the Business Starter plan, standard support from Google is available 24/7. You can have helped over the phone, by email, or with online chat. Additionally, you will have access to the Alert Center to view security notifications and manage user accounts and settings to build up security.

If you are thinking of building a simple website, this package might be enough for what you are searching for. On the other hand, you can integrate your website from other sources. It also tolerates embedding HTML and JavaScript.

The monthly price for this basic plan is only RM20 per user.

Business Standard (formerly known ‘Business’)

This plan mostly appeals to medium and large businesses. And because of that, it is the most popular and preferred one. In addition to the features of the Starter package, this plan offers 2 TB storage instead of 30 GB and a maximum of 150 participants for conference calls, plus a recording option for these calls. Moreover, Enhanced Support is offered with an additional payment, if you are interested.

The main feature that differs Business Standard from the Business Starter could be the Cloud Search. By having this feature, any document or whatever you’re looking for can be found easily.

The monthly price for this basic plan is only RM40 per user.

Business Plus

One of the distinctive features of the above plan is having 250 participants for conference calls along with attendance tracking. Knowing who joined the call or not and keeping the track of it is an amazing feature. 

The support system is the same as the standard Business package but another difference is the storage of 5 TB instead of having 2 TB.

As per the enhanced security, a tool named Google Vault (eDiscovery) is available for data retention. With Vault, you may retain, search, and export data. Also, you can protect your data by setting additional retention rules.

The monthly price for this basic plan is only RM75 per user.


In addition to custom and secure business email, eDiscovery, and retention; S/MIME encryption is provided to increase security.

Advanced security is offered as expected with management and compliance controls, including Vault, DLP, data regions, and enterprise endpoint management.

Other amazing features are the enhanced support (can be upgraded to Premium Support with an additional fee), unlimited storage, and noise cancellation, and in-domain live streaming for video meetings. 

The monthly price for this basic plan is not fixed and depends on the needs of the enterprise.

*Every plan includes Gmail, Drive, Meet, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Sites, Forms, and Currents.
*Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus packages are up to 300 users. For the Enterprise plan, there is no maximum user limit.

Google Workspace for Education

There are 2 different plans as Standard and Enterprise. Because of some additional features, Enterprise is not offered for free of charge. However, the Standard plan is free with unlimited storage, voice and video calls, Gmail, Calendars, and Google Classroom.

The Enterprise plan is more suitable for larger enterprises like universities. With this upgraded plan, 250-participant calls and 100.000-participant live transmissions are available.

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