Ultimate Guide And Best Practices Of Google Cloud

Ultimate Guide and Best Practices of Google Cloud

Google Cloud has grown out of a group of cloud computing services in 2008, comprehended with data storage, data analytics, and machine learning. This service is known as offering solutions for making our lives easier, flexible, safer, and efficient. For example, if you’re using Google Cloud Storage, you do not need to be at the office in order to reach your account. The cloud system is always one click away from anywhere!

Whether you prefer Cloud Connect, Cloud Datastore, Messaging, or Cloud Print, it does not matter. You always pay for how much you use your account. This is one of the best offerings of Google Cloud. As opposed to paying an advance payment and a monthly fixed amount, you pay for what you actually use. Also, it is worth mentioning that when you first create an account, you have a 90-day trial period with $300 credit waiting for you!

Google Cloud Certifications

Google Cloud certifications have fame with its difficulty and necessity. Today, technology companies lay some certification down as a condition when hiring. If you are interested in getting any Google Cloud certification, you should check out the courses on Google, Coursera, Udemy, and Intellipaat and consider taking at least one practice exam before the actual test. The registration fee is $200 and a minimum of 3 years of work experience is required for almost all certifications. These tests can be taken online or at testing centers in some countries.

The tests take about 2 hours with multiple choice questions and at the end, you’ll know if you passed or need to take it again. You will not see each result of the questions, so it’s better the pass on the first try! If you fail the test, you may take it within 14 days. But if you cannot pass again, you need to wait for 60 days.

Some of the Professional GCP Certifications are Cloud Architect, Data Engineer, Cloud Developer, Cloud DevOps Engineer, Cloud Network Engineer, and Machine Learning Engineer.

Is Google Cloud safe?

It is worth mentioning that an attempt occurred to hack Google Cloud in the past. But it was not successful. Google has developed an enormous security system that no one comes even closer to break it. To manage it in every aspect, orientations take place for the new employees, and training is programmed continuously to improve understanding.

We can see a list of most Fortune 500 companies that prefer Google for its services are proudly happy and feeling safe and secure. Even though Google Cloud provides the primary matter of security, some points need to be considered by the users. Some of the responsibilities are setting up authentication, authorization, and identification of users. In addition to this, protecting the hardware, keeping track, and avoiding potential incidents is also the user’s responsibility. But of course, Google provides the related tools to able to do these.

Google’s respected “6 layers of security” for data centers

The security system starts with signages and fencing of the property follows by overlapping security cameras, and physical guards. Accessing the building is the third step of these layers. To get into a data center, personal identification must be pre-approved. Also, an ID must be shown at the time. Additionally, an iris scan is requested. After completing these steps, a person can enter the building. If two persons need to get inside together, they need to wait for each other to get through the doors because of the security system. One should scan the badge, get into a room, and close the door behind. Then, the second person can take the same step.

Besides these steps, there is 24/7 surveillance going on by the security operations center looking for unusual activities. Also, the accessibility to the data center floor is only allowed for some technicians and engineers. Because of security reasons, these employees can only access the devices, not the data inside. Not but not least, only a few employees are allowed to get into the crusher room to destroy the disks.

Additionally, Google has two security testing programs going on consistently. One is with Google’s employees trying to break the system from inside, and the other one is with outsourced companies trying to get into the system from outside.

What are Google Cloud Advantages?

Before making a single purchase or investing tremendous amounts into something, everybody has the right to see every single qualification thoroughly, and conversely, providers must offer everything in a clear state.

When it’s time for searching for the most suitable choice, there are multiple points that need to be addressed;

  • Security: With 15 years of experience, Google offers a first-class security system to ensure safety. It is always the top priority for the company. Nobody wants to think about the security vulnerability in addition to focusing on the business.
  • Cost: Google is well-known for its billing system. You do not get to pay for anything you don’t use, but only for the storage or minutes, you use. In addition to this, if a commitment could be made for a couple of years, extra discounts are offered.
  • Innovation: Offers serverless data analytic solutions. Some of the foundations are AI Platform, BigQuery, MapReduce, and Bigtable. 
  • Speed: A heavy investment had been made for a faster cable system almost five years ago. With this investment, Google has reached a speed of 10 terabits per second that has a direct connection with higher performance and more data processing.
  • Maintenance: Google is also known for doing its maintenance live. Instead of shutting everything down, doing what has to be done, and then rebooting the systems like its competitors, Google offers live migrations. 

“Think with Google!”

One of Google Cloud’s focus is to reach out to each individual or even to every line of work. With this mindset, it’s been years that Google Cloud has been developing by building new platforms regarding their customer needs. When we look at the numbers, we could see that this platform is not number one among its competitors but keep growing continually.

Did you know those top companies in their sector do prefer Google Cloud products? From individual students to universities, from newly born small businesses to nonprofit or governmental organizations, for healthcare or gaming or maybe for marketing purposes; Google has more than enough products to cover them all. So, it is not a surprise when we see companies like Facebook, PayPal, SAP, Target, Unilever, and LinkedIn on the list. Believe it or not, they spend millions of dollars on it each year!

Do you need to build a data warehouse for your business? Seven out of the top 10 retail companies trust Google Cloud. Do you need to accelerate the adaption of 5G? Eight out of the top 10 telecommunication companies get help from Google Cloud without hesitation. Do you want to decrease your costs and increase your revenue along with managing the risks? Five out of the top 10 financial institutions have confidence in Google Cloud.

So, whatever you need as the next step to be able to move forward safe and easy, Google Cloud offers every possible opportunity on a golden platter.

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