Who Google Cloud Is For

Who Google Cloud is for?

Even though the Google Cloud Platform has many products, you may still ask yourself if you need it. It might be because of security concerns or something else. Well, there is a large number of globally-known and gigantic companies that spend millions of dollars and get secured by Google Cloud. So, which companies are using Google Cloud? Some of the big ones are Marriott International, LinkedIn, Facebook, Verizon, SAP, Twitch, Intel, PayPal, and more. You might be a student or a start-up company or a university or maybe an IT professional. Whatever you need, Google got your back.

Google Cloud for Start-ups

Many companies prefer Google Cloud but how about start-ups? Of course, they would like to follow the best and easiest path for company growth. This is the time when GCP steps in. Google Cloud offers its products for companies to become more valuable and reliable by ensuring ease-of-use. Google Cloud focuses on standing side by side with start-ups by its products, experience, and continuous support. They offer more credits for the Cloud, free Google Workspace accounts, training, workshops, and much more for the next stages of start-ups. One of the main objectives of Google Cloud is supporting newly born start-ups to expand and compete with others.

Google Cloud for Students

By saying “the future of education is digital”, Google helps both educators and students in every aspect. Because the number of online students is on the increase, there are many things that Google Cloud can help students to make their lives easier. 

Not only for helping educators and researchers to be able to understand and focus on students’ needs but also for students who want to succeed in all areas of their work. For example, Google wanted to find a way out for the Strayer University students to have 24/7 support. They found the resolution by creating a virtual assistant named Irving that was built on Google Cloud. Irving can almost answer any questions of students. In fact, the response rate is 93%. The questions might be about students’ grades, financial aid, semester details, etc. Tremendously, Irving had more than 700 thousand conversations with 89 thousand students.

Moreover, other than academics and researchers, Google Cloud is always pleased to be a part of individual students. Students can improve their skills and learn new things on Google Cloud without any cost. It offers a yearly $300 credit for students and provides access to a specific number of courses and training on Coursera. Also, offering discounts on G Suite certifications

Google Cloud for Nonprofits

If you do not have a special discount on AWS or Azure, Google Cloud might probably be the least expensive one among its competitors. It is now available in more than 65 countries with providing free access to G Suite, Google Ad Grants, YouTube Nonprofit Program, and Google Maps platform. With this opportunity, you can easily connect with volunteers and supporters, keep your schedules organized, have 24/7 support, track donations, new registrations, organize fundraisers, and so on.

If you meet the requirements, you can always request an account as a nonprofit on Google Cloud. These requirements are; not being a governmental organization, healthcare organization, or an academic institution including all types of schools and universities.

Google Cloud for Marketing

World wide known consumer goods company Unilever operates more than 190 markets spread all over the World. One of the main focuses of Unilever would be connecting to the customer directly and creating a relationship. By force of Google Cloud, Unilever had reached its goal by creating different platforms in different countries.

For marketing purposes, companies like Zuliliy use Google Cloud to improve customer relations; Hearst Newspapers attracts readers by cloud machine learning; 20th Century Fox uses AI to improve scripts. By Google Cloud Marketing analytics solutions, a company may easily integrate all of the data to understand what its customers expect, make forecasts, and could create campaigns and marketing ads according to that.

With Google Marketing Platform, you can focus on strategies while integral intelligence does its own job, and easily see the strong ways of your marketing plan along with the parts that need to be improved. You can also share all details with your marketing teams in order to maximize goals in the right direction.

Google Cloud for Businesses

Google mainly focuses on industries like government, education, retail, energy, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, media, and gaming. It is worth mentioning that many top businesses within their industry have been using Google Cloud. Even Google is not the first place among its competitors, their yearly revenue has been increasing rapidly.

For example, globally known Target has it’s own app platform thanks to Google. Through using the Google Cloud Platform, Target has developed more than 5400 apps to be able to offer the easiest consuming experience for its customers.

Eight out of the top ten telecommunication companies are under the roof of Google Cloud for 5G edge computing solutions. The National Institute of Aging has got the essential speed to fight Parkinson’s disease. Chile trusts Google Cloud to improve its healthcare system. Illinois uses AI/ML for the unemployment claims in the US. SunPower uses Google Cloud to create a sustainable solar business.

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