Google Cloud Advantages

Google Cloud Advantages

There are many advantages of Google Cloud among its competitors. Even though Google wasn’t the first one of this revolution, they have got their hands on its competitors by developing themselves in every aspect. As Google says, “Solving is in our DNA. Let’s put that work for you. You have the ideas. We have the technology to help make them happen”.

Before getting into more detail, first, we should know when to use Google Cloud storage. Do we truly need it? Well, continually developing technology makes most of the things inevitable in our lives. Especially for the last 5 to 10 years, people are more in need of platforms in order to store their data. Through using Google Cloud, you can store data of any kind up to 5 TB. You can always upload or transfer data, download, edit, share, or delete data any time you want.

Why is Google Cloud better than AWS? 

If you are looking out for a discount and want to pay a convenient price, AWS and Azure want you to commit for a specific period. So, this means their customers have to plan everything in advance which is a really hard thing to do. It may sound shocking but depending on your business, you are more likely to pay half of what AWS requires if you choose Google Cloud. Apart from offering a high speed, worthy security features, and everything, this is one of the significant differences of Google Cloud, putting itself much ahead of AWS and others.

Let’s look at why Google Platform is better in more detail;

Security: Probably the most determining factor you would like to rely on. You shouldn’t be worrying about security mostly when you already have enough on your plate about your business, right? That is why security is one of the top priorities of Google. They provide an excellent security system built on 15 years of experience by keeping you and your business safe.

– Cost-saving: When the topic comes to average cost and monthly payments, Google has got your back. Instead of fixing a rate and making you pay for it every month, Google offers a billing system that is based on how much you use. So, you do not pay for anything you use but are only in charge of the minutes/storage that you actually use. Also in cases, when you commit to some-year of usages for 1 year or 3 years, there are special discounts that you may consider.

If you are willing to become a new member of this huge asset, you can always try Google Cloud out for free in the beginning. They offer $300 credit to new customers to run, test, organize and explore the Cloud system.

To be able to complete creating a new account, credit card details must be entered. So, is it not possible to use Google Cloud without a credit card? Well, yes and no. As we just mentioned, credit card details must be entered in order to create an account. But if you do not have a credit card or want to share card details online, you may prefer a rechargeable cryptocurrency prepaid card like BitCard. To be able to use it, first, you need to click on “get started for free” on the Google Cloud webpage. After choosing your country and continuing to the next page, you will see that your business information is requested. Following that, payment method information is requested. Before filling out further information, feel free to open a new tab for BitCard and send your request on their main page. After waiting for a short period of time, you will see a pop up on the Cloud web page asking for your approval to use BitCard. When you click on it, it automatically applies the necessary information to the form and it’s confirmed! That easy!

– Innovation: Google wants you to set aside building and sustaining a data analytics system by offering serverless data analytic solutions on a silver plate. Google’s “big data technology” innovations are known as MapReduce, Bigtable, and Dremel. Cloud data warehousing is BigQuery; machine learning is AI Platform; data processing are Dataflow, Pub/Sub, and Dataproc; data preparation is Dataprep by Trifacta, and last but not least, visual analytics is Google Data Studio. Many industries are benefiting from Google’s ongoing innovations

– Speed: In 2016, Google declared that they were going to make a big investment in a faster cable system to be able to offer the speed of 10 terabits per second. This means higher performance and more data processing in less time which also means slightly less cost for the customers. 

– Transparent maintenance: By allowing live migrations, Google got one step ahead of its competitors. As we know, AWS and Azure do not offer live migrations yet. Instead of sending an email about shutting down everything for maintenance and rebooting the machines afterward, Google does this maintenance live and makes sure the machines are running.

– Environment friendly: Oh, yes. Believe it or not, Google data centers use half of the energy of a regular data center and run on completely renewable energy. If it’s available at that location.

Google has been reaching outstanding developments by looking through the future and having patience in creating experiences over the years. Google concretely works on making things easy and accessible. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses. 

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