Google Cloud and Security

Google Cloud and Security

It is agreed that none of the cloud storage systems is entirely secure. If you are the consumer, you have to decide and choose according to which one resists most incidents. In general, Cloud platforms and data protection are brought up to date continually each year. Therefore you may choose the one which meets your company / personal needs.

How secure is Google Cloud?

Google has built an enormous security culture throughout the whole company. The process starts with; hiring employees, orienting them, and keeping them up to date with everlasting pieces of training and events to raise awareness.

Whenever an incident appears, the security team focuses directly and gives the priority to that incident. Google’s data protection is the number one precedence for its foundation, products, and operation. It is believed that they propose protection only a few public cloud service providers can offer. Is Google Cloud public? Yes, of course. That’s why they make a large scale of investments in this matter. They allow their customers to focus on their businesses and not think of security at the same time. For that reason, most Fortune 500 companies and more than 5 million organizations around the world believe in Google.

Can Google Cloud be hacked?

Has it ever been hacked? No. Was there any attempt to hack? Yes. At the end of December 2009, there was an attack directly on Google. So, it wasn’t straight to Google Cloud but hackers were after Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists. Also, Google stated that the attack was unsuccessful, and only two Gmail accounts were accessed at the time.

One thing that nobody can deny is that Cloud security is a shared responsibility between Google and its users. The users are responsible for setting up authentication, authorization, and identification of users for the system. On the other hand, Google is responsible for leading the physical data center, and data use. Additionally, the shared responsibility between a user and Google is infrastructure security. It stated by Google providing tools to help the user to manage their needs easily.

What you can do as a user;

Taking necessary steps for securing virtual and physical hardware, tracking down and avoiding violation or risks before it happens. Google provides necessary tools for users to be able to track down their system. 

How Google secures its data centers – “6 layers of security”

  1. Property boundaries: Signage and fencing
  2. Secure perimeter: Smart fencing, overlapping security cameras, guards, etc. This process starts basically from the main entrance gate of the center.
  3. Building access: Entering the building with your ID and pre-approved information. If you forget your ID, you must get through the iris scan. Also, only one person at a time can get through a door with their badge. For example, if two people are working together, one has to wait for another to get through a door.
  4. Security operations center: This is the “brain” of the security system. The place monitors the data center 24/7, looking out for the ordinary and alert for unusual activities.
  5. Datacenter floor: Less than 1% of Google employees have access to this floor. Only technicians and engineers are allowed to enter if there is a necessity to maintain, upgrade, and repair the equipment. So, the employees have access to the devices but not to the data. Considering it is already encrypted to protect the privacy and security of customers.
  6. The crusher room: Where disks are erased and destroyed. Only a few technicians can access the room. 

Other than these security operations, Google also has additional security testing programs. One program hires companies to try breaking in from the outside and the other one is for Google employees to try to break in from the inside.

Behind the scenes: Correlation analyses, vehicle crash barriers, 24/7 on-foot guards, fiber-equipped fences (so they know when someone is getting closer or touches the fence), and both thermal and standard cameras.

Google Cloud and GDPR

The General Data Protection and Regulation concerns businesses and organizations in Europe or serves customers in Europe. It controls the businesses on how they get, use, and store data; and also entitles fines for businesses that can’t meet the requirements. 

As a result, Google supports GDPR and gives priority to the security and privacy of personal data. Following GDPR rules and regulations are clearly stated in Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace contracts. Also, Google offers extra security elements and gives documentation and detailed information to help its customers with their services.

Google Cloud payments

The payment methods depend on the currency and country. But for most countries; a credit card, debit card, or bank account can be set for the payment method. Also, as a backup, you may set a second credit or debit card, in case the main one gets rejected for any reason. Google processes payment automatically each month. It is totally secure, safe, and confidential.

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