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Versa Asia: Realizing financial technology with Google Cloud Platform

Get an insight on how Google Cloud Platform made it possible for Versa Asia Sdn. Bhd, one of Malaysia’s Pioneer Fintech Platforms in engineering a reliable and secure platform for its fintech business.

The Challenge:

Versa Asia is a fintech company that focuses on cash management in a money market setting, which means converting users’ idle cash into higher interest-earning funds without any downside on the turnover time.

To deal with its business nature that involves money, Versa is in need of high-level security, reliable and scalable management for its mobile application. Not only must the foundation of its application be solid, but Versa has to also check all the boxes and excel in the stringent requirements set by the Securities Commission of Malaysia, so that the application can be pitched to local investment partners, as well as to be launched for the public consumption.

To stand out from other similar investment applications, Versa’s mobile application has to demonstrate an exemplary uptime and swift performance to ensure a pleasant user experience for its business to grow. 

As a matter of fact, the challenges faced by Versa are actually habitual issues that are shared by many companies and businesses. Most of the organizations that employ cutting edge technologies often find it difficult to put their vision into practice by facing similar kinds of hiccups. 

To speed things up, Versa Asia has joined forces with MatrixC to iron out the kinks and provide the best relevant solution for all defiance that Versa is facing during the initial phase of the project. With the collaboration with MatrixC, Versa has saved time on meticulous adaptations and successfully completed the final touches, hence the application can take off on time for the launching. 

The Solution:

The solution that MatrixC had for Versa was simple: Whatever you need, we have it. 

Versa’s main challenges generally revolved around three aspects: Security, Reliability and Data Analytics. To curb this, MatrixC first enrolled Versa with the Google Startup team to kickstart on the development to build a secure platform for its cash management solution to cater to the users. 

In terms of architecture, MatrixC has intensively assisted the Versa development team on the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) architecture to rapidly move the application from development, testing and finally, to production. This enabled the application to be swiftly listed on the Google Playstore and running Test Flight for key testers to review. Not only did it speed things up, prompt delivery of the final application enabled Versa to pitch its idea to potential investors and users without unnecessary delay.

From there, BigQuery jumped into play to store logs of data pipelines for analysis and derive areas for improvement. This resolved Versa’s incertitude to process the data received and now can be used to advance its application. 

Versa is now live on both the Play Store and App Store, it is fully scalable, highly available and reliable with low Ops needed to maintain it compared to regular infrastructure.

The Results:

After several iterations of patches, Versa now has an advanced capacity to house millions of ringgit worth of investments, and it is just a matter of time before obtaining the greenlight from the Securities Commission for Versa to start advertising their new financial offering to the general public. 

The Versa platform has officially launched early January 2021 and the perfected mobile application is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

Customer Quote: 

Here are some verbatim quotes from Versa that we are proud to have:

“For a startup, working on Google Cloud Platform has been quite the breeze. Mundane tasks such as monitoring and daily/weekly reporting were easily automated with little to no coding required from the team, allowing every employee and stakeholder to be at their most efficient state.” — Nelson Wong, CTO

“We are immensely grateful and delighted to work with our Google Cloud partner for assisting our lean development team to focus on delivering our core app features to customers, rather than worrying on service availability, infrastructure scaling, and day-to-day operations.” — Nelson Wong, CTO

Customer Summary: 

Versa Asia is a Malaysia based fintech company that focuses on cash management in a money market setting, which means converting users’ idle cash into higher interest earning funds without any downside on the turnover time. 

Partner Summary: 

Matrix Connexion is one of the Google Cloud Premier Partners that provide cloud solutions, support and training services for businesses ranging from small to large enterprises. MatrixC helps businesses achieve new capabilities, increase revenue and save costs by adopting smart cloud technologies.


  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • CloudSQL
  • Google Cloud VPC
  • Google Cloud Load Balancers
  • Google Cloud NAT Gateway
  • BigQuery
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Cloud Logging

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