Onboarding with Google Workspace – 9 ways to make new teammate feel welcomed

When a new employee joins your company, it is important to welcome your new teammate on board. Newly appointed employees at the workplace feel reassured when they learn that their efforts will be appreciated and valued. A genuine, thoughtful welcome greeting is the starting point of a long and fruitful relationship between management and employee. 

With Google Workspace, the whole onboarding process can be simplifying and it helps you to bring out the great hospitality of your organization and fellow colleagues.

1. Manage onboarding processes and paperwork online

In the era of going green, it is almost necessary to cut down on paperwork. With Google Workspace, you can make it possible by removing all your administrative documents by moving your onboarding process online. One effective tool to use would be Google Forms, where you can create electronic forms to gather information of the new employee, collect signatures, etc – within minutes. These forms are easy to update and can be accessed from any devices.

2. Create onboarding documents with your team

To welcome new team members on board requires multiple procedures, such as employment contracts, employee handbooks, insurance, and so on. For this, you can use Google Docs with your team to create content and provide feedback using real-time comments.

3. Set up employee checklists

To enable new employees to get up to speed, you can use Google Sheets to create checklists such as team training, company policy reviews, and more. If any new employees have questions on certain tasks, they can insert comments in the spreadsheet to get instant feedback.

4. Store onboarding materials in a secure and accessible location

To ensure all information is accessible to all new employees, you can store all onboarding materials in shared folders in Google Drive. The onboarding staff can edit, comment or view the shared materials from any devices. Updates to the files will be reflected automatically in the document, and the resources remained up-to-date and consistent for incoming employees.

You can also use Google Currents to create a social community within your organization to help new employees to learn from one another, bounce ideas off and create a sense of support and community.

5. Create a central training to simplify the onboarding process

In large companies, new employees can easily get lost due to their bureaucratic organization. To provide more insight to the new employees, you can create a webpage on Google Sites with all the onboarding materials and training resources in order for new employees to get up quickly to speed and easily find important references in a single place. Learn further to use Google Slides here.

6. Create training modules and presentations

Training new employees often need organized modules to be presented to them during orientation. With Google Slides, you can create detailed training for your new employees to equip them with meaningful information and messages to jumpstart their work.

7. Train new employees from anywhere, at anytime

If you have a distributed workforce that needs timely training or wants to reduce onsite training cost, it is important to use a medium that can easily deliver a live talk to new staff or hold a FAQ session. With Google Meet, it is possible for you to conduct virtual training classes remotely, that saves time and travel cost. You can even share the video recording and other learning materials in Google Drive for future reference.

8. Welcome event for new staff

A welcome event is the best way to help new employees feel like a part of the team. With Google Calendar, you can send invitations to every team member from across the world with a welcome note informing them about new members and the venue information. You can also who has RSVPed for the event and send them a reminder as well.

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