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How modern is your data warehouse? Take our new maturity assessment to find out

By Fern Halper; VP and Research Director for Advanced Analytics, TDWI

As more and more businesses turn to advanced data analytics to help them make smarter decisions, run real-time analytics, and improve business operations, an increasing number are modernizing their data warehouses to make it all possible.

For many businesses, knowing how to modernize means understanding where their data warehouse sits on the spectrum between traditional and cutting edge. To help, we collaborated with TDWI to offer the data warehouse maturity assessment. By answering a few questions on their current warehouse environment, businesses can get a customized report with helpful tips and recommendations.

A report card for your data warehouse

The data warehouse maturity assessment evaluates five different categories, assigning your business a rating for each that spans from “traditional warehouse” to “advanced/visionary.”

  1. Data diversity: How well does your warehouse support disparate data types, and does it provide users with a current and holistic view of data from a variety of internal and external sources?
  2. Infrastructure agility: How well does your warehouse support the various needs of your organization by allowing access from anywhere, ingesting data in real time, and separating storage from compute to enable independent scaling?
  3. Analytics support: How easy is it to adopt sophisticated analytical techniques at scale, such as machine learning, predictive analytics, deep learning, and IoT analytics?
  4. Collaboration and sharing: Can teams within your organization and beyond share information and work together quickly and easily using data from your warehouse, and is your data strategy aligned with your business goals?
  5. Security and governance: Are there tools and techniques in place to control data access, support data governance, and ensure compliance with data security standards?

In addition to the assessment, you’ll also receive a detailed report with guidance and best practices that can help you determine your next steps in your modernization journey.

Getting started

Fill out a brief form to launch the survey, then take 15 minutes to answer a series of questions about the platforms, systems, and hardware you use to integrate, manage, and store business data for reporting and analytics. You’ll see your results right away.


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