G Suite Essentials

Embracing the Essentials

As the fight against Covid-19 is still ongoing, so is the discussion of work from home initiatives. No doubt adopting new norms may come as a struggle to businesses worldwide – no office, no colleagues, just you and your laptop. With everything done online, the use of platforms to help businesses connect and collaborate on a deeper level is much appreciated.

Despite many pre-existing platforms as such, making the big leap to integrate from one platform to another, may be especially difficult for some, especially small business owners. If you somewhat resonate with that narrative, well you’re in luck! Google, well-known for their G Suite platform, has rolled out free access until September 2020 to G Suite Essentials – designed to help businesses seamlessly integrate to their platform.

Make the jump to G Suite Essentials if you:

1.Already have pre-existing work emails for you and your team

One striking feature of G Suite Essentials is that you don’t need to get a gmail account to get in all of the action. Just enter your existing work email address and get started! See? No hassle in transferring all those emails to a new platform.

2. Have a small to medium sized business

If your team isn’t too big in size, this may be the platform for you. Big organizations may opt for G Suite Enterprise as it is designed to accommodate a bigger capacity. Keep things simple by subscribing a few G Suite Essentials accounts for your colleagues who may utilise it most

3. Want all the right tools to help your team collaborate better

No business should be left behind when it comes to working from home efficiently, but overcomplicated platforms with too much tech mambo jumbo may seem intimidating to those not so tech savvy. As the name suggests, G Suite Essentials only provides you with the most necessary tools you need to step up your WFH game, which we’ll be discussing in a second.

Hooked already? Well, wait till we walk you through the features you’ll be able to enjoy by subscribing.

By subscribing to G Suite Essentials with us, you’ll have access to:

1.Use Google Meet to carry out video-conferences

Since meetings are a clear no-go when it comes to social distancing, take the discussion offline by using Google Meet! Google Meet not only allows you to video-conference, but you can also schedule meetings by syncing with your calendar! Not used to using Google calendar? No worry, you can also schedule meetings from your Outlook calendar.

G Suite Essentials

Wanna learn more about Google Meet’s capabilities? Check out our previous post specifically on Google Meet here: https://www.matrixc.com/post/google-meet-video-conferencing-at-its-best

2. Immense storage for the whole gang

Data is a privilege and Google gets that! With G Suite Essentials, every user enjoys 100GB of storage along with 2TB of pooled cloud storage on Google Drive. That is A LOT of storage space we tell you.

Google Drive

Not only that, you’ll also be able to utilise team drives where everyone can contribute and access content. Say bye-bye to dinosaur storage technology everyone and say hello to cloud storage!

3. Manage your business like a boss

Managing a business is already a ton of work. That’s why, Google wants to help you, manage your business stress-free! Manage your team, adjust your security settings and track progress, all with one tool – Google Admin.

Admin Console

4. Get all the help you need along the way

Taking the leap of faith in shaking up how your organization works requires support and guidance. Not too sure of how to go about in using G Suite? Matrix Connexion is always around to help resolve all your needs, so don’t be afraid to ask.

If you’re looking for an easy, seamless and comprehensive platform for your business, look no further than G Suite Essentials, so you and your team can function to its fullest potential, even in the midst of a pandemic. Working from home has never been easier.

Interested? Check out https://gsuite.google.com/essentials/ to get a better picture of the platform. Matrix Connexion is now offering free trials for G Suite Essentials, so be sure to contact us at https://www.matrixc.com/contact-us to learn more.

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