Tan Chong Motors

Customer Success Story: Tan Chong Motor

“As a Manufacturing and Customer Service Company, the Company Direction was to serve our Customer Satisfaction, Collaboration with Colleagues and Partners around Indo-China.

We have many limitations with our current Professional Suites. The challenges we normally facing was limited E-Mail Storage. We cannot do a proper search on the historical E-Mail to monitor and keep track of the Operations Challenges.

We also have challenges on the Professional Suites like old Professional Suites was not compatible with the new Professional Suites. We need to do Files Conversion and some files adjustment to resolve the Documents, Worksheets and Presentation Files. Some of the document where we save to the share drives cannot been update concurrently. Some time will have some versioning and data mismatch in the updated Documents and Worksheets.

Data Security and Compliance were required by the auditor. There required to audit all the data transactions in our company share drive. As our current Share Drive cannot trace who have edit and delete the files. We needed to purchase additional 3rd parties software to do this requirement. With the new password security like 2-factor authentication is required for us to implement.

We have spend years of studies to improve our company collaboration. We needed a solution where it has Collaboration Professional Suites with all the real-time communication tools to speed up the process and decisions. We have nearly utilize all the G-Suite features to align our Company Direction and Data Security & Governance.

We have successfully Migrate around 5000 users from our Microsoft Exchange Server to G-Suite for Business in 3 Month Roadmap. We also in the roadmap to utilize the Google Drive for company documents, these we can utilize the google audit trail to trace the document is it been amended or deleted by who.

Hangout is a great communication tool for our mobile users who travel around Indo-China and inter-branches. So they no need to host or join the proposed meeting on the proposed physical location but with a location that has Internet Access.

We have many happy colleagues who love the new features of Google Sheet. They claim with the help of the Google Explorer Assistant, they can shorten their time to do Macro Scripting and keep multiple templates to do their report formula.

Thank to Google Malaysia and Matrix Connexion for their proposed strategy and guidance to make it a success.”

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