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Customer Success Story: MRT Corp

The initial decision to move to G Suite replacing On-Premise Exchange was to overcome the following challenges:

  1. Limited mailbox storage
  2. Server hardware maintenance
  3. Managing licenses and account provisioning
  4. Managing archives, compliance, and security

G Suite fulfilled our following needs:

  • A new email solution with bigger storage space
  • Reduced complexity in supporting an email system
  • A Stable and reliable platform that requires minimum effort to support

Beyond adopting the obvious as an enterprise mail & calendar system replacement, the user and organization as a whole has adopted the full suite of application offered under G Suite which includes:

  1. Drive
  2. Team Drive
  3. Sites
  4. Docs
  5. Sheets
  6. Slides
  7. Forms
  8. Drawings
  9. DataStudio
  10. Hangouts

For this deployment of G Suite and the continuous exploration of what G Suite has to offer over the years, we have chosen to work with Matrix Connexion Sdn Bhd. Our journey from beginning to where we are today are summarised on the following order:

  • Subscribed to G Suite basic with 30GB storage and Google Vault
  • Completed the project and migration within 1 month
  • We implemented G Suite with the users using the Chrome browser only as a primary interface for their email instead of using Outlook client
  • We conduct quarterly training as part of the Change Management initiatives
  • We upgraded from G Suite Basic + Vault to G Suite Business with unlimited storage
  • We began exploring data visualization tools converting offline reports to online reports using Data Studio.
  • As a result of the adoption of Data Studio, we ran more quarterly training initiatives to get employees to use the tools
  • We also established a focus group to drive user initiatives

The results and benefits derived from G Suite adoption has been the following:

  • We got more than just email with secured and reliable platform
  • Less time required to support but instead focus more on delivering value-added services to employees using tools like Calendar, Groups for Business, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Hangouts, Sites and Data Studio
  • Collaboration among employees increased
  • Drive data visualization initiative using Data Studio to transform their offline report into online report enabling Users able to do their own dashboard

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