Important considerations when choosing the right Google Cloud Partner

What is Google Cloud Partner?

Undoubtedly, Google is a big company. But when it comes to additional value-added or extended services (e.g. adoption of Google Cloud products such as Google Workspace or G Suite, deployment services to Google Cloud Platform, etc), Google works with local companies in almost every country in a variety of ways, where they are being regarded as “Google Cloud Partners”.  Matrix Connexion (MatrixC) is such a Google Cloud Partner with local presence in Malaysia and Thailand, helping Google to serve local organizations answering technical questions and often than not, provide additional managed services and support for Google Cloud Products and Services.

However, the Google Cloud Partner status isn’t just handed out. That badge has to be earned. Not only must our employees attend courses and pass several examinations to gain individual certifications and credentials to provide Google Cloud related services, our company  has to undergo strict evaluation processes annually to remain certified  as a Premier Tier Partner to ensure that  we are the verified specialists and experts of the field.

So, how do you choose your Google Cloud Partner?

Partnership is a lot like dating. Building a meaningful relationship requires chemistry, understanding, and patience and the end result can lead to a lifetime of happiness or end with a break-up. It is the same when it comes to choosing reliable business partners. 

This article is written if you  are already using Google Cloud, or want to switch to Google Cloud as your service provider of choice, and/or would like to further engage a local specialized Google Cloud Partner for additional value-added services, as well as helping to handle local billing and provide localized managed support services. 

Let us first find out the different types of Google Partners that are available here in Malaysia! 

  1. Google Ads Partner 
  • Google Ads Partner, typically known as Google Partner (without the word “Cloud”) are advertising agencies or specialist partners that help your brand and business manage, support and resell your Google Ads accounts. These partners can specialize in one or more of the following Google Ads product areas:
    • Search Advertising
    • Video Advertising
    • Display Advertising
    • Shopping Advertising 
  • Matrix Connexion (MatrixC) is not a Google Ads Partner.  But  we do connect our customers with some of our ecosystem partners who are the  Google Ads Partners or Specialists to help them with their Google Ads campaigns administration and management.    
  1. Google Workspace Partner 
  • Google Workspace Partner is a specialist organization that is authorized to resell, support, and implement Google Workspace (also known as G Suite previously) through invoice billing (at the same price as Google), instead of credit card billing if you were to buy directly online from Google. MatrixC is the certified Google Workspace Partner who are specialized in Enterprise Collaboration and also Work Transformation Expert.
  •  Hence, we could further provide support and training to help your businesses or organizations,   as well as your employees or users, to fully utilize all the suite of applications that comes with the subscription, beyond just email.        
  • We position ourselves as the supporting team for clients who are just new in G Suite, or as the subject matter experts for those who are familiar with and already using G Suite for years. 
  • We provide assistance and share knowledge on G Suite products, and carry out evaluations for clients who would like to migrate to the cloud to see if they have met the requirement. As different companies have different structures, we also help to provide managed support services like activities and security issues monitoring, insight analysis of company operation from the context of G Suite, while acting as the professional advisory for customers from time to time to ensure the end-to-end security protection of the G Suite or Google Cloud environment. 
  • Finally, MatrixC also assists our clients in work transformation, using what is readily available in Google Workspace to obtain the best user experience and productivity.
  1. Google Cloud Service Partner
    • Google Cloud Service Partners are specialist organisations that provide professional services to consult, implement, support and provide invoicing billing for Google Cloud Platform Offerings.  MatrixC is a Google Cloud Service Partner as well that could provide such specialised professional services to customer who are looking for:
      1. Infra Modernization, which help business to migrate Applications or Systems from On-Premise or other cloud or hosting to GCP, 
      2. Design & build GCP infra for new applications (Web or Mobile) with our IaaS & PaaS offerings
      3. Value-added solution offerings to better complement what we do best for our G Suite / GCP customers; from Security & VDI (like Crowdstrike, Barracuda, itopia) to DR & Backup (actifio, cohesity, veeam), as well as Big Data pieces like BigQuery & Tableau.   
  1. Google Cloud Technology Partner  
    • Google Cloud Technology Partners are specialist organisations that build products and tools that integrate with Google Cloud Platform or use its services as a foundation for their products.MatrixC is not yet a Google Cloud Technology Partner at this point in time.  
  1. Google Maps Partner
    • Google Maps Partners are specialist organisations that help companies build, support and provide invoice billing for solutions that utilise Google Maps API and integration into their solutions or application. A good example would be the GRAB app which utilizes Google Maps services to plot your rides and food deliveries. MatrixC could resell Google Maps Platform & APIs, however we are not yet the specialised Google Maps Partner at this point in time. 
  1. Google Chrome Enterprise Partner
    • Google Chrome Partners are specialist organisations that help companies to implement, support and adopt Chrome OS Devices such as Chromebooks (Laptops) and Chromebox (Desktop Box), as managed devices for your organisation as an alternative to Windows or Mac OS devices.  It has become globally popular for schools and universities. We do see an increasing trend in Malaysia even for businesses and organisations, specifically for mobile workers and remote working environment. MatrixC is a Google Chrome Enterprise Partner who are specialised in providing Chrome Enterprise related offerings (certified chrome enterprise hardware and licenses).
  1. Google Meet Hardware for Video Conferencing Partner
    • Google Meet is a Video Conferencing Solution provided by Google which can be paired to a purpose-built hardware to fit into meeting rooms. MatrixC is an authorised specialist partner to help organisation to purchase the chrome enterprise licenses, as well as support and resell the Hardware from Logitech, Asus & Acer for Google Meet.
    • It has become increasingly popular with businesses and school post covid-19 pandemic in 2020.           
  1. Google Education Enterprise Partner
    • Perhaps not known by many until this year when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world hardest in Q2 2020, G Suite for Education has boomed and in particular Google Classroom. It has been the main channel for many schools to deliver continued learning online for students of all ages. 
    • MatrixC is a certified Google Education Enterprise Partner to resell, implement and support the enterprise version of G Suite for Education Institution.     

So in summary, MatrixC is your Google Cloud Partner for the following :

  1. Google Workspace Partner 
  2. Google Cloud Service Partner
  3. Google Chrome Enterprise Partner
  4. Google Meet Hardware for Video Conferencing Partner
  5. Google Education Enterprise Partner      

If you still have questions, drop us an email at today! We are happy to help!

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