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8 Reasons to Use G Suite for Your Business

In the last few decades, technology has witnessed drastic changes. It has grown at a very fast pace. The competitive business is demanding the cutting edge features in the technology. So, G Suite is offering the productivity as well as efficiency. Here, some reasons are presented that will show you the benefits of using G Suite for the business.

It was launched in the year 2006 by Google. Earlier it was called as Google Apps. G Suite includes Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, slides and forms, Sheets, Google Calendar, Hangouts, Google Keep, Google+ and Google vault.

G Suite provides powerful tools to run the business successfully. All the apps included in G Suite are free to use. For advanced features, you need to get the paid version. It improves the productivity of the team members. It is free to use but if anyone requires the advanced features, then they can opt for the paid version of G Suite. The paid version will provide the sufficient features to run the business.

1.Data Security

With Google Drive, businessmen can store and access along with the feature of sharing the files in the safe mode. G Suite stores the information at the Google Data Centres and keeps the business’s data safe. When the server gets failed, then you need not to worry as your data is not lost and all the information can be retained from the cloud. G Suite provides the best security but one should avoid using public Wi-Fi.

2.Document Sharing

Collaboration is an important part for every small business. With the help of G Suite, one can easily share the files with their team member. They can do the same by creating an account on Team Drive. The users can control the files and they can access their files from anywhere. The fellow members can also edit the file by giving full access to members to manage the folder. The team members communicated among themselves while they work on the same document. Teamwork strategy will aid in developing the speed and bringing accuracy.

3.File Storage

File storage is becoming a big problem for small businesses as well as big ones. Subscribing to G Suite will help in clouding the massive amount of data. Get the cloud storage up to 30 GB. It will allow the team member to collaborate with the large files and uploading the photos as well as documents. The team members use Google Drive on an everyday basis for collaborating on product releases along with the press release, promotion mechanics, blog posts, sales reports, and many other documents.

4.Custom Domain Name

Customizing the business email of the team will help in creating a strong brand name. Promote the company by your domain name as it will build the trust in the minds of the customers.

5.Business Pricing Plans

G Suite offers two main plans for the businesses. For the small-scale businesses with 10 or less than 10 employees, you need the basic plan in which 30GB of inbox storage is received. It will cost $150 per month for every user. The professional plan is available at the cost of $600 per month for every user in which there is unlimited storage.

  • Shared calendars
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Via Gmail, one can have the business email account
  • Smart search
  • Voice conferencing
  • Video conferencing


It is wonderful to work together on the same file at the same time. So, G Suite is offering this feature and this gives businesses a reason to use G Suite. Make the recommended changes and edit the documents. Even, the team members can interact with each other while editing the same document. This aids in developing speed along with the accuracy of the projects.

7.Organize Google Calendar

Now, organize the dates and reminders for your scheduled projects. G Suite will give you the opportunity for creating a group calendar for seminars and regular meetings. It will allow the businesses to schedule meeting times, deadlines and events in the inbox. G Suite is perfectly compatible with any of the smartphones as well as android.

8.Google Hangouts

Individuals can begin the video conference and Group Chat with Hangouts. With the free version, there can be a maximum of 10 participants for the screen sharing and video calling. On the contrary, 25 participants can take part in video calling in the paid version. Further, individuals are able to record video meetings on Google+ and Youtube.

Accessing the entire document anywhere in the world with no time limitations make G Suite perfect for your business.

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