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6 Reasons to Use Google Cloud for Your Business

The origin of cloud computing goes all the way back to the 1990’s. This was when the telecom companies included the first virtual private networks in their offerings. In those days, the word ‘Cloud’ was used to address a computing space that was between a provider and the end-user.

Nowadays, the Cloud is much more technologically advanced. It has been adopted by several mid to large enterprises and small businesses as well. The adoption of the cloud has made a lot of sense for enterprises as it is able to simplify a lot of processes at highly reasonable costs.

One of the most popular options out there today is Google Cloud. The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides highly scalable infrastructure for developers to test, build and deploy apps on. It is also highly reliable. The Google Cloud covers web application, computing services for back end, storage, mobile, and web solutions.

Here Are The Top 6 Reasons You Should Use Google Cloud

1.Friendly On Your Wallet

The pricing strategy of Google has been way better than its competitors for the consumer’s end of the bargain. Google only bills in minute-level increments but it does have a 10-minute minimum charge. You will only be paying for the actual computer time used. A huge plus point to this is that you will receive discounted prices in case you have long-running workloads. There is no up-front commitment required for this. If you use the VMs for about a month, you will get a discount. This option is perfect for start-ups or IT enterprises who wish to cut costs.

2.Tiered Network and Private Global Fibre

The main thing that sets Google’s Cloud hosting apart from the rest is that Google’s network is without a doubt one of the biggest in the world. It is blazing fast and it has its own private distributed backbone between each data center. So you are essentially talking over Google’s backbone and not the internet itself.

3.Virtual Machines Can Be Migrated (Live)

This is another huge advantage of the Google Cloud Hosting platform. Azure, AWS and other smaller providers like Digital Ocean do not provide this option. This is one of the main differentiators for GCP when compared to other cloud providers. When there is live migration between host machines there will be no degradation in performance. This allows Google engineers to address issues like repairing, patching, software or hardware updates without you having to worry about rebooting your machine. Apart from this, Google offers the resizing or persistent disks with no downtime. To resize the live disk, you can use the portal or CLI.

4.Better Security

This is without a doubt one of the biggest advantages. Google has state-of-the-art security. This means that when you choose the GCP, you are opting for a security model that has been constantly improving over 15 years. This is the same platform that hosts Gmail, Google Search and so on. Google has on its paycheck more than 500 full-time security professionals. This means you and your work are always secured.

5.Continued Expansion Strategies

Google hasn’t failed in rapidly building out a huge infrastructure for the Google Cloud Platform. Here is a list of the Google Cloud Platform regions: London(UK), Belgium, Changhua County (Taiwan), Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA (current), Sydney (Australia), Frankfurt (Germany), Oregon (United States), Sao Paulo (Brazil), South Carolina (United States), Nothern Virginia (United States), Montreal (Canada), Mumbai (India), Tokyo (Japan), Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles (United States) and Hamina (Finland).

Apart from Zurich which will be in addition in 2019, additional locations will also be mentioned in 2019. Google’s continues to serve as a universal cloud for all businesses that want to build and run great software.

6.Redundant Backups

Google Cloud has storage that is designed for absolute durability. The cloud has four main types of storage: nearline, regional, cold line and multi-regional storage. The cloud stores its data redundantly using automatic checksums that ensure the data’s integrity. Multi-storage data is also geo-redundant so the cloud will store your data in a minimum of two regions. Your data is never lost.

The Google Cloud Platform can truly change the landscape of your business. The functionality and reliability that Google brings to the table is the reason why over 4 million apps trust these platforms.

After Google invested in FASTER Cable, in 2016, it was able to provide access up to 10Tbps of the cable’s 60Tbps total bandwidth between Japan and the USA. This is being used for Google App and Google Cloud customers. Its 9,000km trans-Pacific cable is without a doubt the highest-capacity undersea cable to be built. It lands in the United States and has two landing points in Japan.

Their ability to not only build and organise but also efficiently operate a huge network of servers and fiber-optic cables at great speeds is what sets them apart from the rest.

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