5 reasons why successful corporations need Google Workspace

Many of us did not expect that the pandemic could last this long (at least for us) but the truth again proved us wrong. With the surge of COVID-19 cases in our country despite the expedited vaccination process, it is almost safe to say that we won’t be returning to our pre-pandemic lives, especially for work. 
It becomes a problem for businesses and corporations, as restrictions are still in place and personnel is not allowed to return to office in the foreseeable future. To keep things running, most of us are obliged to work from home and productivity tools are becoming increasingly crucial to keep everyone on the same page. The new generation of workers is configured by innovation and familiarised with advancing technologies and appropriate tools to ensure they can carry out their business objectives effectively. Such tools are important to ensure communication and remain at the peak of its productivity, in order to enhance business collaboration.
One of the most popular tools, Google Workspace tops the chart due to its user-friendly interface and wide availability. Here are the top benefits of using Google Workspace for businesses and corporations.

What is Google Workspace?

Back in 2006, Google Workspace was firstly introduced as G Suite that consists of various tools and software with the purpose of increasing business productivity through streamlined teamwork and management. Google Workspace came to light as the paragon cloud solution for productivity, teamwork, and computing. 

Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, Google Workspace has been a useful tool to provide innovative solutions for various aspects of business management. In essence, Google Workspace is a balanced fix for businesses as it contains all the recommended operations and it’s practical for businesses of all sizes. 

Overview of Google Workspace Features

Google Workspace offers a great deal for its users, and it would be unrealistic to cover it completely in a single blog. Nonetheless, before we go any further into the core business benefits of Google Workspace, it is plausible to paint a big picture of the main features of Google Workspace.

Your favourite apps, all in one place

Do you need to send an email?

Do you need to create a document?

Do you need to schedule an appointment?

Yes, yes, yes. No problem!

We are sure that most of you are familiar with the tools that we mentioned. For instance, do you need to make an analysis of the data you have collected? Use Google Sheets. Or do you need to make a survey or gather feedback from your customers? Use Google Forms. Maybe host an online meeting with your teammates? You can use Google Calendar to send an invitation, and host it with Google Meet. Yes, you can find everything on a single platform. 

In terms of storage, you don’t have to worry as Google has it covered. The Google Workspace Business Starter edition offers 30GB of storage space per user, shared across Google Drive and Gmail. On the other hand, Business Standard subscription offers 2TB while Business Plus provides 5TB of space per user. Accordingly, the Enterprise editions offer unlimited storage.

Key to security

When it comes to businesses, an essential consideration in choosing suitable productivity tools for work is security. Is my data safe? Will it be protected from any intentional breach or malicious attacks? Yes, Google Workspace has this aspect covered too. Especially for businesses that do not invest much in company devices, companies that employ staff to work with their own devices often have the concern of the data protection of company information. 

For this, the high-security feature of Google Workspace comes in handy as company data can be easily secured using passwords and screen locks. If a device is lost or stolen, the admin can erase confidential data with a device wipe to the user’s account from their device. This function of selective wiping an account gives companies an extra layer of security towards internal data breaches. 

There is also a blocking feature available for specific Windows, Chrome OS, Mac OS, and Linux sessions. The good thing about this is that it doesn’t require the installation of additional software onto the device as this function is always on by default.

So, what are the core benefits of Google Workspace?

1. Familiar and user-friendly

Google Workspace is highly user-friendly, and we bet most of you have used at least one of its productivity tools, like Gmail or Drive. The productivity apps that are available in Google Workspace are fairly easy to use, as the user interface is sleek and simple and doesn’t require extensive tech knowledge to get on board. Even for new users, these online tools are pretty easy to manage with minimal to least surveillance. If needed, companies can sign their employees up for proper Google Workspace training that would help them to “test the water” and to get a taste of it before a total digital transformation.

2. Increase uptime for your business

Depending on which industry you are in, most businesses are required to be accessible around the clock and Google Workspace makes it so much easier for such purposes. For instance, Gmail has consistently achieved over 99.9% uptime due to the absence of need for scheduled maintenance as highlighted in TechCrunch. This allows for businesses that work on Google Workspace to be available 24/7, all year round, without worrying about any potential downtime. 

3. A reliable place for your data

Google Workspace is a cloud solution that is highly reliable due to its strict security measures that consists of more than just passwords. With its 2-step authentication security, Google Workspace ensures airtight security from malicious attacks and hijacking and ability to detect early phishing strikes. The Google Security Centre even provides the users with a security board and health check feature to monitor who shares the data and how they share it. 

On top of that, the administrator role in Google Workspace has the capability to leverage Work Insight to keep watch on the security tool’s adoption. Admins also have the access to Google Vault that is responsible to determine which content stays and for how long the content lasts being removed from the account. This tool allows for an easy search feature and expedites data export within the company over a short time.

4. The ultimate price for value

This is probably the major concern for many companies. For productivity apps that offer such unexceptional features, the price for the performance that Google Workspace provides is definitely unbeatable. For starters, Google Workspace pricing starts as low as RM20 per user per month for Business Starters, RM40 per user per month for Business Standard, and just RM75 per user per month for Business Plus.

5. Increased productivity and teamwork

The main purpose of Google Workspace is to facilitate team collaboration and to increase work productivity. Therefore, all the apps that are available in Google Workspace are designed to cater to users who wish to maximize their productivity with the help of AI and machine learning properties. By this, you can work seamlessly with your teammates regardless of where they are located, overcoming the geographical barriers and collaborate in real-time to improve workflow. 

Collaboration is the primary aim that we are looking for for our business, and this is exactly where Google Workspace comes in place. When working with a team, one of the important tasks of the business owner is to be able to monitor the performance of their staff and track the progress. With Google Workspace’s usage metrics, you can easily identify the success factors of your company as well as the areas that require fine-tuning. 

By this, not only you can save cost and time, but Google Workspace also makes work less busy for you and you don’t have to worry about the operational workflow but rather, be able to focus on your business goals.

A reliable Google Partner

Lastly, are you interested in the idea of ultimate collaboration as envisioned by Google software? Do you wish to make a change of environment to Google Workspace as an alternative to MS Office? Either way, hit us up for a chat if you would like to find out more about Google Workspace. We have a team of experts who will explain to you further and find a solution for your business needs! Drop us an email at and we will get back to you shortly!

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