5 Reasons to Use Gmail for Your Business

Gmail is one of the most popular Google’s free web-based services. In the few past years, the account on free services might give you unprofessional appearance but in this category, Gmail is unique and different from others. It includes many excellent features like access to mail services via any device, 15GB of free email storage, effective spam filtering, virus protection, chat facility, video calls and so on.

Its free version is ad-supported. The free version is great but if you want to access extra perks along with the facility of no ads, then you can make use of the business version of Gmail which is paid one. The business version provides more storage along with the feature of integration with the other emails such as MS Outlook. In fact, you can create your own personal email such as

One does not need to get the Google Account for setting up Gmail. He needs the only valid email address and agreeing to the terms and conditions of Google. However, creating the Gmail account will ease using other services of Google like AdWords, AdSense, Google Search Console, YouTube, Blogger, and Google+ and so on.

Being a business owner, it has become a necessity for you to run the business successful. So, taking advantage of some of the cloud-based tools will help in better management. They can provide help in marketing as well as accounting. The business version of Gmail is an effective smart cloud-based tool which you will offer assistance in running the business.

1. Anytime Access to The Email

Gmail for business can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It gives complete access to handle the account from anywhere in the world. It is securely powered on the web so that it can be productive from the desk, mobile phones, and homes and on roads. It works from any of the mobile device and computer that has a data connection and even its offline support will help you in carrying the work when you are not connected.

2. Email, Voice Chat, IM and Video Chat

Gmail is a versatile tool which is more than the email as it is featured with instant messaging, video chat and voice chat functionalities. Its basic version is providing 30GB cloud storage and one can buy more storage if he needs more and can’t delete any existing thing.

3. Search Emails Instantly

Gmail will assist you in searching and finding emails. Further, labels and filtering will assist you in organising things on emails. Hence, one needs to spend very less time organising emails and they will find it very quickly. The task of looking an email across all the emails, documents and labels have become very easy from the inbox.

4. Get Less Spam

Gmail spam filter is powerful and will help the businesses in staying focus on what is important for them. All of these things have become possible due to the security and reliability of Gmail that is accompanied by features of sender authentication, spam filtering, simultaneous replicated storage for email, attachment viewing and so on

5. Synchronisation with iPhone, Blackberry and Android

Gmail is technologically compatible with devices like Blackberry, iPhone and Android. It gives access to get the benefit of the app on any of the mobile platform. So, it is important to synchronise Gmail with desktop, tablet and phone so that it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

These are some simple benefits of Gmail so using it for business will surely provide you with ease and convenience. It offers mobility for your business. It is affordable so using it will not give you extra financial burden. Use of start cloud based tools to run the business will give surely gives you the taste of success.

It is like taking the advantage of management and marketing. Gmail is one of the smart cloud based tools which is really very effective in the business’s management. In this century, it is trusted by millions of businesses including the small and medium sized businesses. In fact, at the administrative level too, it is trusted. Its spam filtering is quite a likeable feature.

From as low as $6 a month, you get to enjoy all the features that you get from a free Gmail account and more (comes in a package known as G Suite), while keeping your business name as part of the email address (eg.

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