4 Ways G Suite is Helping Your Business Productivity

G Suite has been devised with the aim to improve productivity and collaboration for businesses. This set of tools works on the top of the Google Cloud platform and contributes hugely to the growth of a business by eliminating inefficiencies. The question is why does a company need G Suite?

A Forbes study came out with an answer to it recently. The study says that most of the employees waste too much of time working on things that are necessary for their role. However, these tasks do not contribute to making the company strong or give it a competitive edge.

Here, the need is to eliminate the time spent by executives and managers on menial tasks for improving workplace productivity and also to encourage a higher bottom line. It is where G Suite can contribute in a big way.

1. Machine Learning and AI Increase Productivity

According to estimation, employees spend around 5% of their working time on developing the next big idea. Rest of the time they waste on fulfilling time-draining tasks such as reporting and emails. The machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning tools of G Suite are integrated completely so that they can operate similarly to a personal assistant.

These learning tools schedule meetings in Calendar, suggest replies on the base of Gmail content, and even find out relevant documents on web related to the projects that you are working upon on Docs, Slides, and Sheets. Thus, the integration of these tools in your working amplifies productivity of every employee who makes use of it.

2. Drive and Vault Feature

The study by Forbes says that employees spend around 2.5 hours (30%) each day to search for information. To reduce the time spent by the employees on research, G Suite has come up with two file repository tools, Drive & Vault. With the help of these two tools, employees can access the latest version of every file without searching endless email threads.

The Drive & Vault tools can also manage the sharing and storing permissions. You can edit files in Drive whereas you use Vault to store the completed documents securely. Both these solutions have search functions, and you can use them for training, onboarding and future reference

3. Real-Time, Live Discussions on Hangouts

A lot of money is spent on business travel which is expected to go beyond $1.6 trillion by 2020. That is why smart companies intending to cut down unnecessary expenses now prefer discussions and communications on Hangouts. These companies proactively boost one-to-one communication and collaboration without investing a big amount on it with the help of video conferencing tool in G Suite, Hangouts.

The tool allows employees to engage in real-time, live discussions and thus avoid the costs incurred for business travel. It also saves time that is otherwise lost during travelling long distances. Importantly, when employees complete the discussions from the office, they can also keep their colleagues and subordinates in the loop.

Hangouts allow users to share and discuss files and keep a record of their conversation for future use. Employees can further increase their efficiency by using a chat application that syncs with the Google Calendar.

4. Editing Files and Collaboration

G Suite offers some of the most-used tools for file creation including Slides, Sheets, and Docs. It engages the users in all types of possible collaboration and also enables them to post their comments. It is also possible to leave the edits in the documents or even as suggestions. Later on, employees can discuss the entire thing and come up with the best possible files. G Suite also offers workers the chance to work with the most recent version of each file.

It means they will not have to search through the email threads to get the right attachment and to ensure that the file they have accessed is the current or the latest one. Another benefit of using these tools of G Suite is that companies can save by eliminating the option of printing on paper and the costs related to it thereby helping them to become more environmentally friendly and financially efficient.

So, when you use G Suite, it is possible to save time and money, eliminate the required travel costs, reduce the number of meetings, make sure that the employees do not waste time on trivial matters and focus on critical parts of a project and boosts collaboration. Importantly, it is possible to download G Suite tools like mobile applications so that the employees can continue their work on the go from even remote locations. Also, most of these tools continue to retain some functionality even offline.

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