Workflow Process & Automation

What is workflow automation?

Workflow automation is a type of automation that streamlines a business process end-to-end. To implement it, you’ll need to use a trigger event that, once satisfied, leads to a particular set of actions across your apps, data, and teams.


Employees can have a greater impact on your organization

By allowing your employees to avoid many routine, manual tasks, they can dedicate more of their time and energy on strategic, critical work. 

Costly errors can be avoided

Gives your team peace of mind, as well as significantly improve your organization’s security and performance over the long run.

It can be implemented with ease

The process of setting up a workflow automation can be done on a single platform, and it doesn’t require writing a single line of code.

How to automate your workflows

1. Search for prominent, manually-intensive workflows that are prone to human error

2. Build the case for automating a given process

3. Map out how the automation would work across your apps, data, and teams

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