Google Workspace Enablement
by MatrixC

Why Join Us

MatrixC is arranging for a Google Workspace Enablement Workshop and the objective of this workshop is to have you jumping right in and learn the basics of the more advanced techniques.

Courses We Have

Fundamental Google Workspace Admin Console

Take control of your administration and management tasks on your Google Workspace domain

Bringing Data Alive with Google Forms and Sheets

Learn how you can collect data and analyse them easily with Google Forms and Google Sheets

Create Your Own Library with Google Classroom

Learn how you can share training material / knowledge check across departments using Google Classroom

Interact Efficiently Using Google Sheets

Get the most out of Google Sheets by learning how to communicate effectively and work your data effortlessly

Build Your Own Intranet with Google Sites

Create a simple click-to-deploy site and publish information in a single portal using Google Sites

MatrixC is a registered HRD Corp training provider under the Human Resource Development Corporation.

For more information on Funding and Grant:
HRDF SBL KHAS Claimable for Employers Registered with HRDF

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