• Provides access to all-important apps

• Learn anywhere, anytime and gain micro credentialing

• Organise and share ideas with everyone

• Receive personalised communication with information
that is "just enough, just right and just for you"

• Get personalised learning path recommendation

RECQA Making Digital Learning Personal​

Crowdsourced resource center

RECQA is an acronym for Resource Collection and Q&A. Users can easily share their learnings and resources via our simple publishing tool. They are also able to ask questions and search for answers. RECQA democratises knowledge sharing and promotes knowledge preservation

Making digital learning personal

As a learning platform for community, RECQA has many features such as personalised messaging, mood tracker, user personalisation and integration with Google Workspace. We are adding more features such as learning path recommendations engine. We are also the base engine for UNICEF’s Malaysia World School Project, a digital learning platform for students and teachers of marginalised communities. We are also the base engine for Malaysia’s Ministry of Education new National Digital Learning Platform called DELIMa 2.0, which will be the gateway to 5.5 million students and teachers under the MOE

A Framework For Impact!

Pandemic Proof!

Open & inclusive centralised digital platform. Learn anytime, anywhere.

Share And Preserve Knowledge

RECQA ensures resources shared stay clean, searchable, organised and trustworthy over time.

Gain Necessary Skills

Build core competency as you learn and connect. Ask questions to experts within your community for trusted answers .

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