Discover how CIOs overcome trade-offs to maximize agility in the cloud


CEOs depend on CIOs more and more to reach their top business priorities. To learn how they’re meeting these needs, McKinsey conducted a study of CIOs and CTOs of large enterprises from 17 industries. While most saw the cloud as the solution ― with projected cloud workloads expected to more than double within three years ― 80% said they hadn’t reached the agility their business needs due to costly trade-offs like sacrificing speed for security or preferred tools for uniformity.

These tech leaders shared their challenges for maximizing cloud agility. They discussed the trade-offs they believed they needed to make, and how some overcame these with technology and policies that encouraged a transformation mindset.

Get the report, “Unlocking business acceleration in a hybrid cloud world,” to discover:

  • The top perceived trade-offs and how some CIOs have avoided them

  • Ways to drive business transformation with agile processes, automation, and upskilling

  • Steps to unlock the next stage of your IT modernization journey

McKinsey & Company has published this report based on its independent research. McKinsey does not endorse any technology vendor, product or service.