Google Workspace Summit

Thriving in the new era of work.

Join us to discover how to navigate the new era of work – a new era of hybrid teams, a new era of AI frontiers, and a new era of meaningful collaboration across organizations. Learn from our customers and partners about how they’ve overcome new challenges and transformed their cultures to accelerate innovation, modernize workflows, and attract and retain the next-generation workforce.Register today for the Asia Pacific digital event. Located in Europe, Middle East, or Africa? Visit our regional page to view summit events in your time zone.
12 July 2023 , 11:30 – 13:40

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Agenda of the Event

Keynote: A new era of work with generative AI

A new era of work is here. Join this keynote to learn how generative AI is being used in Google Workspace to supercharge creativity and productivity. We’ll discuss specific examples of how generative AI is being used in Gmail, Docs, and more. And we’ll share our vision for the future of work.

Aparna Pappu
General Manager and Vice President
Google Workspace

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Fireside chat: Driving a culture of innovation in the workplace

In the face of ongoing economic uncertainty, innovation may be the difference between success and irrelevance. A culture of innovation is a mindset that requires everyone in the organization, from the CEO to the most junior employee. Join this conversation with global market intelligence firm IDC, about how supercharging collaboration helps organizations create a culture of innovation.

Chris Marchall
VP, Industry Research

Darryl Mckinnon
Head of Google Workspace, 
Google Workspace

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Driving cultural transformation with a multigenerational workforce

Whatever the future holds, attracting and empowering the next generation will be key to success. Today, we are at an inflection point where the majority of leaders in decision-making roles are millennials, or those born after 1980, who are  working alongside multi-generational teams. How are IT and business leaders making decisions that empower these teams and anticipate the needs of  the future generation of our workforce? Join this session to hear from TELUS and the US Navy’s Naval Sea Systems Command – two organizations at the forefront of driving culture change.

John Macdonald
Director, Productivity & Collaboration Practice

Steven Banick
Vice President, Strategy & Transformation, 

Peter Guo
Chief Information Officer,

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The case for change: A business-value framework for technology choices

How do you quantify the value and build the business case to adopt new technology to modernize collaboration? Join this session to learn how to apply the business-value framework and work with stakeholders, including line-of-business leaders, finance, operations, and executives. Learn from industry leaders from Unilever, Globe Telecom, and Common Spirit health, who have successfully championed change for workplace transformation.


Sam Kini
Chief Information Officer

Red Jaques Bernaldez
Director Workspace
Globe Telecom

Jason R. Richeson
System Senior Vice President, 
Technology Infrastructure
CommonSpirit Health

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Taking a secure, data-driven approach to hybrid work

Whether you are a small business or multinational corporation, your long-term strategy should include optimizing for both innovation and security – without compromising one for the other. Join this session, to learn how to evaluate solutions for both data security and flexibility in a hybrid work environment. Hear how global data, analytics, and technology company, Equifax, works to keep consumer financial data secure, and discover how cybersecurity insurance provider, At-Bay, recommends organizations protect themselves from email attacks. 


Adam Ehret
Senior Vice President,
Employee Enablement and Engineering

Rotem Iram
CEO and Co-Founder

Nikhil Sinha
Group Product Manager
Google Workspace

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Empowering your frontline workforce as a strategic advantage

From factory workers to bartenders and ambulance drivers, deskless workers have not traditionally been given access to the same collaboration applications as their office-based colleagues, but this is changing. Equipping your frontline workforce with modern tools and digitizing processes creates efficiency and builds a culture of collaboration, helping these workers feel more connected to the organization’s mission. Join this session to discover  our customers Autogrill and Akron share how they gained strategic advantage by  empowering their “deskless workers.”


Heather Emslie
Global head
Google Workspace

Francesca Porta
Chief Information Officer,
Autogrill Europe

Macarena Hernández
Chief Technology Officer, 

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Return to office or remote work forever: A conversation on the future of hybrid work

Whether your organization has mandated returning to the office or embraced working remotely, one thing is clear: Teams need the flexibility to connect, collaborate, and get things done from anywhere, at any time. Employees and customers increasingly span time zones, and meetings include a blend of people attending in conference rooms, home offices, and even cars, buses, or trains. Synchronous work – work where everyone comes together at the same place and time – is no longer the only way to co-create and innovate. Join this conversation with Google Workspace partners SADA and AODocs which are enabling their customers with solutions that maximize team collaboration in this new world of hybrid work.


Seth Sicilliano
Head of Google Workspace
ISV Partnerships
Google Workspace

Alex Wright
Director of Sales Engineering

John Veltri
Managing Sales Director
Workspace and Maps

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Getting more value from collaboration for business users with SAP and Google Workspace

Are you ready to modernize your workflows by unleashing the power of automation and AI with no-code and low-code solutions? Join this session to learn how easy it is to empower business units, streamline processes, and improve hybrid experiences by combining forms, approval tasks, business rules, and automation. You’ll also discover the latest updates and what’s coming up for the SAP S/4HANA and Google Workspace release for 2023.


Andrew Harpin
Product Manager
Google Workspace
Ecosystem and APIs

Boris Andree
Senior Director Product Management, 
Process Automation

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Hacking Digital Transformation with Google Workspace

The two biggest secrets about digital transformation are that it’s not a one-time event and that it doesn’t have to be a multimillion dollar initiative. Instead, it’s a series of small changes an organization makes that drive agility and alignment across these five dimensions: culture and mindset, user experience, process transformation, technology leadership, and operating models. Join this session to learn how to “hack” your digital transformation and successfully drive incremental changes to your organization.


Rahul Shah
Senior Vice President and Business Head

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What you should know about the event

Google Workspace Summit, a digital event on 12 July, addresses the key needs of businesses – across industries, geographies and size – with use cases focusing on organizations that have brought together: Frontline and back office workers; remote and in-office workers; customers and employees – doing work efficiently, securely and seamlessly. 

Darryl McKinnon, Head of Google Workspace APAC will lead the APAC sessions with a fireside chat with IDC, discussing how executives can drive a culture of innovation in the workplace. The event also features customers from Globe Telecom, TELUS, U.S. Navy, Unilever, CommonSpirit Health, Autogrill Europe and Akron sharing their executive insights and best practices.

Key topics in the agenda:

  • Insights into the new era of work with generative AI
  • Driving a culture of innovation in the workplace
  • Driving cultural transformation with a multigenerational workforce
  • Secure, data-driven approach to hybrid work
  • Empowering the frontline workforce
  • The future of hybrid work
  • Hacking Digital Transformation with Google Workspace


The digital event also features multi-language channels with helpful live real-time subtitles in Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese for a more inclusive regional community experience.=