Chrome Enterprise

Cloud-power IT and employees with Chrome OS

•A mobile, secure, easy-to-manage operating system for modern ways of working

Key benefits of deploying Chrome OS for your business

Fast deployment and simple management

Managed Chrome OS devices see a 76% time savings during deployment compared to Windows devices. IT gains access to 500+ device policies, fleet oversight capabilities, and managed updates, all from the cloud-based Google Admin console or third-party UEM solution.

Apps for every worker

Chrome OS gives access to your employees’ favorite productivity suites and video conferencing apps. Download and run Android apps from the Google Play Store, and access Windows apps through VDI or Parallels Desktop. Look for the Chrome Enterprise Recommended badge for verified apps optimized for Chrome OS.

Modern employee experience

Experience high-performance devices that boot up fast and don’t slow down over time. Quickly log in to any device and pick up where you left off with cloud profiles. Updates installed in the background, and you can work from anywhere, on any Chrome OS device.

Built-in, proactive security

Chrome OS provides IT with advanced security controls. If an end user misplaces their Chromebook, IT can easily disable the device, protecting corporate data. Devices can also be set as ephemeral, removing user data from the device at the end of a session.

A smart and eco-friendly investment

Switch to Chromebooks and see $4822 in savings per device per year from reduced deployment, upgrade, and training costs. Chromebooks use up to 46% less energy to lower your device carbon footprint and are made with sustainable and recyclable materials.

An OS that allows your entire team to do their best work—from anywhere

Supports every employee

Information workers

like financial analysts, marketing, and sales

Field or mobile workers

like real estate agents, agricultural field workers, and technicians

Front-of-house workers

like hotel receptionists and virtual healthcare providers

Back-of-house workers

like training teams, managers, and office admins

Contact center workers

like customer experience representatives

Great for

Cloud-based work

Gain cloud-working benefits with a Chrome OS device, Google Cloud or third-party identity, and cloud-based apps.

Remote work

Employees can be productive and IT can manage the entire fleet of Chrome OS devices from any location.

Customer self-service

Set up secure, purpose-built kiosks to simplify customer processes and reduce wait times for faster check-ins.

Video conferencing

Employees can securely access industry-leading video conferencing tools that keep them connected and productive.

Thin client replacement

Virtualization solutions allows employees to access legacy apps while migrating towards the future of work with Chrome OS.

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