The Change Management is designed to be used during the sales cycle to highlight the importance of following the Transformation & Change methodology, to inspire prospects about what is possible within their organization, and to be reassured that we have a proven approach to managing the people side of the move to Google.


Every deployment has three dimensions

Change Management Journey

Set customer up for success by leveraging Google’s best practices and field experience, adopt new technology, and work in innovative ways.Most of the customer still at Basic collaboration usage and some of the users are at Wide collaboration usage level. We work with customer to help them address the specific change management requirements of the customer, prepare a customized change management plan, and build sponsorship and support.

Key Activities

Kickoff Workshop(s)

Support a planning workshop(s) to kickoff the project, assess the current environment, and begin making recommendations around the critical change management activities, namely sponsorship, organization analysis, communications, and training.

Sponsorship and Engagement

Help identify influencers within the organization, and advise on the plan for executive and peer-to-peer support networks.


Advise on the training needs analysis and advise on the training approach that will enable employees to use G Suite and become more productive in their work

Organizational Analysis

Advise on best practices to gather insights on user groups, change impacts, and potential watch points, as well as to identify key influencers and use cases.


Provide advice on change-related messaging and the communications plan that aligns with the organization’s strategic vision.

Change Management Plan

Based on the above analysis, provide detailed feedback on the change
management plan to ensure it is customized to address any potential risks
identified, engage employees across all levels of the organization, and increase the
speed of adoption.


Change Plan, including

User group and impact analysis

Change management metrics

Training plan

Messaging and communications strategy

Sponsorship and engagement planning

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