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Enhancing The Virtual Meeting Experience

With many businesses and companies carrying out work online, virtual meetings on video conferencing platforms have become more prominent. Some may scoff at the idea and some may rejoice, but one thing is for sure: virtual meetings are the new norm. And with many new trends, adapting at the beginning may pose quite a challenge for some. So Matrix Connexion has come up with some ways you can up your virtual meeting game for good.


1. Send out invites

Don’t jump the gun and ambush your team with an impromptu meeting. Plan ahead your next virtual meeting at least a week in advance to let your team clear their schedule and prepare. Too busy to remind everyone constantly? You’re in luck cos Google Meet lets you send out invites easily through email or just through an option in Calendar. Add a video conferencing option which automatically provides invitees with a link they can just log into later.

You can even have an idea of who can or cannot make it with an RSVP option so you can say bye-bye to unexpected awkward meetings with 10% of the team if the date isn't convenient.

2. Set an agenda

Not everyone has mind reading skills like Professor X, so don’t keep your team in the dark about what’s what in your next meeting. Add a description in the invite as to what the discussion will be about and lay out what is expected of everyone.

3. Prepare a presentation

If you’re presenting, it’s best to keep your audience engaged in the discussion with data, graphs and presentations so that you can easily get your message across. Presentations also help the audience prompt questions from the information they are given. You can even send the presentation deck in advance to make matters smoother. Use Google Slides to prepare simple, visually appealing presentations.

4. Make sure you have good internet connection

The reason why virtual meetings can be such a pain is because of the endless “Hello can you hear me?” or “Sorry, you’re breaking up”. This whole debacle can really be quite irritating and taxing. So make sure to have a good internet connection from where you’ll be joining the meeting or at least run to the nearest Starbucks to get that sweet, sweet Wi-fi.


1. Come early 

The early bird gets the worm right? No? Whatever it is, come 5 minutes early to the meeting to ensure no technical difficulties that may ensue when your discussion is in the wheels. Just like any other physical meeting, time is of the essence and virtual meetings are no different. So come early to ensure smooth sailing when discussing.

2. Lay out your workflow 

To the presenter, lay out what you’ll be talking about in the meeting to give your audience a rough idea of what to expect so as to not confuse others. Lining up a game plan so you don't miss or overlook any aspects of the discussion. Giving a rough overview of the meeting also helps others in note taking. You can use the chat box in Meet to list down the agenda too.

3. Determine when and how the audience can ask questions

Do you ever get annoyed when interrupted? Or do you appreciate an enthusiastic audience? Remind your audience when they can ask questions or give feedback, whether that be while you're talking or when you’re done presenting. The choice is yours. Lay this out to make sure the flow of the meeting goes as smoothly as intended. You can also provide a link from Google Slides so your audience can pose their inquiries there.

4. Do a round table for any opinions

To ensure everyone pays attention and gets a say in the discussion, ask once more for feedback or questions before the end of the meeting. You don’t want to be syok sendiri talking to a laptop right? So make sure you engage the audience, ensuring a two way means of communication like any physical meeting would play out as well.


1. Do a post mortem

After the meeting, maybe do a quick post mortem. Whether you’re the presenter or the audience, ask yourself, what YOU could have done to have contributed better to the virtual meeting. Convey your thoughts to the team and grow together!

2. Track progress

Remind yourself that no man is left behind. Check up on your team if you’re the Head of Department or Team Leader and keep track of everyone’s progress using simple spreadsheets. This also helps determine whether everyone was paying attention during the meeting or binge watching Netflix on the side.

Well there you have it! Hopefully these simple guidelines on simple ways to make meeting virtually all the more smooth and engaging can help ensure productivity and prep your organisation with the new norm of working remotely. For any inquiries, do contact Matrix Connexion at or drop us a message to tell us what you’d like us to write about next.


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