20% Increase in G Suite Prices

When G Suite was first started, in 2006 it has powerful but limited features. Over the years, as Google has continually introduced new features, the price has remained the same. Finally, after more than 10 years, Google will be increasing the price of G Suite by 20% on April 2, 2019.

This means that by April 2, the price of G Suite Basic will be $6 per user / month (an increase from $5) while G Suite Business will see the price increase to $12 per user / month (an increase from $10). This new pricing scheme is to allow Google to continue introducing new features to you while improving on existing services.

20% increase might sound a lot, but over the span of more than 10 years, that is lesser than $0.10 – $0.20 increase per year. Below is the list of services that Google has brought to you so far.

g suite journey

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