Customer Success Story: Star Media Group

star media group

Prior to Gmail we are using on-premise email server and each user are given limited mailbox storage. To ensure high availability, we runs multiple servers and daily maintenance is a must.

Initially our aim is to replace our on-premise email server and the calendar with Gmail, but once user learn about the power of real-time collaboration and mobility provided by Google Docs and Sheets, the adopted rate are simply amazing.

With help from MatrixC the migration to G-Suite was seamless, over the years the partner helps us conduct workshop to help our user sharpen their skill and learn the new features.

Other than Gmail, using Google Docs, Sheets and Slides as collaboration tools allows us complete task faster. We introduce Team Drives to business user last year and the adoption rate was fast, and prior to Team Drive user already using Google Drive as repository for project files, Team Drives just made it more secure and easier to manage.

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